AUWU applauds ACTU’s call to increase Jobseeker

The entire union movement is now behind a demand to raise JobSeeker above the poverty line.

On ABC News this morning, ACTU secretary Sally McManus called for JobSeeker to be raised, saying “We need $600 per week for people who are unemployed. That needs to go up because we’re in a situation where no-one can get jobs.”

This brings the entire union movement in line with calls from the AUWU, the Greens, ACOSS, the Antipoverty Centre, GetUp and many others to raise the rate of JobSeeker above the poverty line.

Anthony Albanese and the ALP can no longer ignore the wishes of the people in their own movement. They have been silent on this matter for far too long. There is an empty seat at the table, and we invite the ALP to join us.

We call on the ALP to pressure the government to extend the $600 a week to everybody on social security: disabled people and carers, pensioners and students as well as any people living in Australia regardless of the work they do or their visa status. And to make this a permanent increase.

Social security should mean we’re all above the poverty line.

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