Unemployed workers say NO to job agencies

First week of AUWU ‘mutual’ obligations strike sees overwhelming response

We worried people would be too afraid to join the #MOstrike after experiencing years of abuse at the hands of job agencies and politicians’ complete failure to protect us.

But unemployed workers are defying the intimidating forces mobilising against us and refusing to be quiet.

AUWU members have stood up to job agencies, saying NO to activities that do not make them feel supported and will not help find a job. Some have said they felt equipped to push back against someone more powerful for the first time in their life.

While we were inundated with stories of abuse, harassment, bullying and outright lying by job agencies, employment department officials told the senate they’d received “a very small number” of similar reports.

We are done with this gaslighting. The numbers tell the story.

Art by Nicky Minus

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